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Make some noise for thrust
Left and right arrow keys to move left and right
Press any other key to start for reals

Score: 0

Spaceship Weight:

How To Play ONLY WORKS IN FIREFOX OR CHROME CURRENTLY. Use the right and left arrow keys to go left and right. The volume of audio input controls the upward force (sorry, if your computer doesn't have a microphone, you can't play). You can adjust the weight of the spaceship / the sensitivity using the slider above. I recommend finding some uniform kind of sound you can make - humming, blowing air through your lips, or just blowing towards the mic all work. Advanced people might try to sing a song. Game copyright Milo Johnson 2015 - but Milo Johnson does not accept any responsibility for your friends, housemates, coworkers, or parents thinking you are going crazy because you keep making weird noises at your computer.